Modular ACA Compliance Extension for For Your HCM Platform

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Expertise for ACA Compliance via BenefitScape®

We provide expert solutions with no excuses.  It's Advanced ACA compliance because we focus on compliance success, not just pushing a file. We are ACA specialists, not tax filing generalists who normally file straight forward tax filings like 1099/W2.  When it comes to ACA IRS e-Filing we have no peers.

Confused about your ACA Reporting options?

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With Tax Year 2016  deadlines coming up fast, let an expert help you sort out your ACA options. Our experts are ACA Compliance practitioners with hands on experience. 

In 15 Minutes you will have a better understanding and can make an educated decision.

Compliance In 3 Easy Steps

Expertise and Supporting Technology Create Success


We Understand All e-Filings Are Unique

Customization services ensure you get exactly what you want

We are aware that all organizations are unique. No two are the same.

We will design and develop an e-Filing solution based on your needs. Our aim is to provide exactly what you want.

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A Gallery of ACA Vendor Choices and Some Observations

E-Filing choices are very dependent on the process used to create the Form 1095-C.  In our ACA practice this is all one project; data management to e-filing and we rate our overall capacity as 100%. While we hesitate to paint with a broad brush in such a complex area, we have seen many TY2015 ACA projects and our analysts have provided some observations as to the ACA expertise overall capacity  and effectiveness of various industry segments. Your experience will vary. ACA for 2015 has been best handled by specialists, other industry segments have all posted less than stellar results.


Strong hours measurement, lacking data on Health Plan details, dependent data. ACA experience modest.

Tax Filing

Inflexible on data format, good IRS general knowledge, no experience in ACA e-filing complexities.


Providing modules that provide base level functionality, require upgrades to software to be useful. Printing, e-filing at early stages.


Top Numbers

The BenefitScape Healthcare Compliance practice began in 2006. We are a brand leader because we are specialists who demand and deliver the highest level of service and support.  When done correctly, ACA IRS e-Filing is a very complex and time consuming effort. Below are some of our metrics.


On Time Reporting


Form 1095 EINs filed


XML items created TY2015


Accuracy Rate

BenefitsScape® Features at a Glance

Expert Guidance

We know the ACA inside and out. It is our only business, so you can be assured that your data will be handled in a manner that the IRS ACA Filing requires. 

Over 30 Years Experience

You have many choices for ACA complinace. Our strength is that we understand both the ACA and the fact that it is an employee benefit responsibility. The Reporting and e-filing is complex and it sets the stage for measuring how well you comply with the ACA. Whats more your filing is the basis for any penalties. Deadlines are approaching quickly; let an expert help you.

Data Flexibility

No two organizations are the same. We do not require that your data be in our format; we take your data as it is and conform it to the IRS XML e-Filing specs.

BenefitScape VAN

  How can we be so flexible ?  We built he BenefitScape Value Added Network (VAN) facility expressly to support ACA e-filing. Now its yours to use for your e-filing.

The VAN takes your employee data and any results you published on the Form 1095 and transforms the data into the XML package as required by the IRS.  

Adjust for Errors

We expect that your data will not be perfect. This is the first time this type of data is being filed and it's complex. We will edit, correct, and prepare as necessary.  

Correction Process

Many providers of e-filing do not provide for the inevitable corrections. The IRS will be enforcing SSN validation, checking Name and TIN match. This will be more robust than W2 processing and will often cause errors that need to be corrected.

Ongoing Support

IRS e-Filing is often not a "One and Done" proposition. If corrections are needed after filing, we are there to help until the filing is accepted and complete. 

Hands-On Compliance

We know that our effort is not just e-filing, its compliance. This is the topic we address exclusively.