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US Treasury and Tribal Governments - ACA Employer Mandate Confirmed
The US Treasury recently confirmed that the employer mandate, otherwise known as the employer shared responsibility provision, applies to all Tribal ALEs. Legislation is required for exemption; if regulations are not met, the employer faces strict penalties.
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Changes Made In Tax Year 2016 ACA Reporting Forms
It's that time of year again: ACA Reporting for Tax Year 2016 is officially here. Similar to Tax Year 2015, it comes with complex regulations and the feedback from employers and consultants alike for the IRS to make the process more simple. This year, there are some positive changes; the IRS listened to concerns and made some necessary changes to the Tax Year 2016 ACA Reporting Forms.
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IRS AIR Corrections: From Complexity to Simplicity
After filing with IRS AIR for Tax Year 2015, many employers were surprised that they were no yet finished with 2016 Compliance. VeriTracACA highlighted the IRS published proposed regulations in the Federal Register on August 2, 2016. , This guidance clarifies what employers must do to correct any Tax Identification Number (TIN) errors.
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So You Want To Do This All By Yourself.. How Long Will That Take?
We get it- when summarized, ACA Compliance doesn't seem that difficult. All you have to do is take the data you're already using for your payroll, get some additional retiree employee data, organize it all and fill out a couple forms and send it up to the IRS... right? We wish it were that easy. Unfortunately, the reality of ACA Compliance is hours upon hours of hard work, aggregating data from several sources, and significant research on the IRS' expectations. Even if you complete it all be...
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ACA TY16 Deadlines

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ACA TY16 Deadlines
ACA deadlines for TY16 are coming up sooner than you think. Whether you're a retailer prepping for back-to-school sales and ramping up for a successful holiday season, a university starting a new semester, or prioritizing hiring and building your team of employees, the time to aggregate your employee health insurance data and send it out is coming around the corner. Don't wait to prep! To make planning easier, we have the IRS AIR deadline timeline listed here:
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