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Some insight into your Shared Responsibility based on what we know about the status of the AHCA.
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Third Party E-filer to IRS AIR eliminates need for User to get a TCC
The IRS AIR System enables Third Party E-filers to submit XML for their clients. ...So there is no need for a company to go through the IRS AIR Application and Testing Process to become a software developer, transmitter, or issuer (company) that is filing your own returns! In brief a company that uses BenefitScape avoids having to register and obtain a Transmitter Control Code (TCC).
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You made the deadline…but they moved the finish line?
E-filing ACA Information Returns is NOT a one and done process. If the IRS finds ERRORS they need to be corrected. Only then is the filing complete. ACA e-filing is a new and complex procedure with several deadlines and strict criteria for correct submission. Incorrect submission and failure to rectify corrections can result in steep penalties. There are significant penalties if proper correction guidelines are not met.
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Many firms claim they can help you with e-filing. But as many employers are finding (sadly), lofty promises, half finished products, unbelievably expensive "solutions" and non- existent customer support are the order of the day.
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