How We help You To Control ACA Costs
Step 1: The BenefitScape Penalty Insight helps you to understand your exposure and have the answers that all CFO's need. By using the data you can avoid expensive Non-Compliance penalties. In addition you can avoid extra work to prepare and defend appeals or prepare for an audit.

Step 2: We will help you select an affordable compliance solution that fits your budget. We do not want you to buy more services than you need. Our ACA analyst, who will assist you in the project, will carefully assess your situation, data quality and population and then provide you with the lowest cost possible.

BenefitScape has carefully surveyed the Market and our cost is lower than all similar service providers. Why? We have invested in the technology that is needed and have over 10 years experience in ACA type compliance.

ACA Compliance 2016: Finding The Right Priced Solution

There are many solutions and vendors; selecting the right one is critical for a successful IRS filing.
BenefitScape provides the best value for your compliance dollar.
 Use our ACA Reporting & Compliance Vendor Scorecard, available below:

>> Download Your ACA 2016 Info and Vendor Scorecard Here <<

The Cost of Compliance Services from BenefitScape depends on the size and complexity of your workforce and number of EINs in your organization.

Our fees are affordable at BenefitScape. A ballpark estimate is $500 for each EIN and between $3 and $10 per employee, based on number of employees.

For a firm price, complete the form below or contact our Client Services Manager, Kim Phillips, by phone at 508-655-3307.

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